Department of Chemistry

Accelerated Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Are you ready to jump into the scientific workforce, graduate school, medical school, or pharmacy school?
  • Want to improve your earning potential and start making that money soon?
  • Want to earn a competitive, rigorous, and highly respected degree?
  • Want to save some time (like an entire year) and money (how about between $7,000 and $10,000) earning your undergraduate degree?
  • Will you have Dual Credit, Advancement Placement, or International Baccalaureate credit?
  • Was part of your AP/IB or Dual Credit work equivalent to General Chemistry I and College Algebra?
  • (Click here to see the course equivalencies)
    If you answered yes to these questions then you should consider the Department of Chemistry, 3-year accelerated degree program. Qualified students can complete one of 5 degrees offered through the Department of Chemistry in only 3 years.

    Program Description:
    As a program participant you will complete CHE 120 General Chemistry II and CHE 295 Chemistry Colloquium during the Summer semester immediately following graduation from high school. This puts you on track to immediately enter Organic I in the Fall semester and to graduate in only 3 years. As an accelerated program student you will take a large number of you courses as part of a cohort. In your first year, you will be encouraged to participate in a research project with a Chemistry faculty member and present your work at a local, regional or national conference. You will also be encouraged to participate in a research or internship experience in the summer before your senior year. You will be provided with a personalized, customized advising experience and mentoring from Chemistry faculty.
    Program Requirements:
    Students must have the following to qualify for the Chemistry Accelerated Degree Program:
    1. Have completed General Chemistry I through AP (score of 3 or higher), IB (score of 5 or higher), or Dual Credit (with a grade of C or better).
    2. Have completed College Algebra (or higher mathematics course) through AP, IB, or Dual Credit with a grade of C or better OR have a math ACT subscore of 25 or higher. Completion of calculus credit would be preferred but not required.
    3. Have completed a total of 13 hours of college credit by AP/IB or Dual Credit (this includes General Chemistry I and College Algebra). Students with less credit are still encouraged to apply, though they may require additional summer coursework to graduate in 3-years.
    4. Apply for the program and be accepted.
    Application Process:
    Interested students should complete their application to Missouri Western State University and submit the following materials (priority consideration will be given to applications received on or before January 10).
    • A short statement of career goals and how the accelerated program may help them to reach these goals.
    • A list of AP, IB, Dual Credit, and any other college course work completed or currently enrolled in.
    • A letter of recommendation from a science teacher (high school or university).

    Materials and questions should be directed to the Department Chairperson Dr. Mike Ducey: Department of Chemistry Accelerated Degree Program Missouri Western State University 4525 Downs Drive St. Joseph, MO 64507 Or may be emailed to: