Business Partner: Mosaic Life Care Foundation

Reporting Deadline Date(s)/Time(s):

  • 10/16, 10/30, 11/12, 12/3

 Description: Identifies story based on area of focus, plans and scripts report, selects report location, record video report and provides any other materials (b-roll, pictures, etc.) emPowerU TV may want to include. This volunteer will need to be familiar with Audio/Video equipment and must be able to use either emPowerU’s video camera, or a high quality cell phone camera. MWSU students will complete activities, including:

  • Identify a story for each episode of emPowerU TV
  • Research the topic
  • Identify candidates for possible interviews
  • Script their report
  • Record report and provide any additional footage (b roll) that would be beneficial
  • Upload their video to Google Drive

Report deadlines are 10/16, 10/30, 11/12 & 12/3, however serving dates are listed as a few days prior to verify project will be completed timely.

 Location: emPowerU – 518 S. 6th Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501

Requirements Prior to Service: Requirements Prior to Service: On-site interview, Tuberculosis (TB) Screening, Flu Shot, Background Check, Training. Please complete an online application via the link provided.