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Content tutoring is a term used to describe tutoring for subject areas other than general studies mathematics or writing. This type of tutoring is scheduled between the student and the tutor via MWSU email. Students can contact a tutor from the current list of tutors on this website to set up an appointment; all tutoring takes place in the Center during its regular hours. When contacting a tutor, students should use their Missouri Western email address and include the course name with days and times available for tutoring.

If a tutor has not replied to a request for tutoring within two business days, please contact the Content Tutor Coordinator, Alex Owens, at 816-271-4531 or via email

All of our tutor-supported classes are listed by subject code. If the course for which you need a tutor is NOT listed, you can request a tutor by submitting the form below. Please request tutors early in the semester as tutors must be hired and trained prior to assisting students.

Please Note: While we make every effort to find a tutor for you, in rare cases there may not be one available. Therefore, we always encourage students to seek assistance from their course instructors as well.

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