Craig School of Business

Students Searching for Internships

Parents-LP-The-College-Exp-700x512What separates the internationally accredited Craig School of Business from other quality programs is the internship experience, an essential part of the university’s Applied Learning component. Before graduating, every Craig School of Business student embarks on a hands-on experience which adds to your skill set.

As students searching for internships within the Craig School of Business, you will have a step up on others in your field thanks to internship opportunities available to prepare you with on-the-job experience. More than 75 percent of students complete internships through the CSB Applied Learning programs. You will gain hands-on experience, as well as strong training in communication, critical thinking and data analysis in an actual work environment that will prove to be a priceless experience once you begin your career.

Why are internship experiences important in my future career?

Your internship will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the business world first hand, develop your business skills and gain experience that employers seek when hiring recent college graduates.

What internship opportunities are available?

You will have access to a wide variety of internships, including accounting assistant, assistant management in retail stores, assistant loan officers, salespersons, marketing analysts, human resources assistants, claims processors, customer service assistants and many more.

What is expected of me as a student intern representing CSB?

Student interns are expected to:

  • Protect confidential company information
  • Establish and follow a work schedule approved by the sponsoring company
  • Submit Learning Objectives for approval by the Director of the CSB intern program
  • Work at least 75 hours for every hour of credit earned
  • Adhere to the requirements of the intern contract
  • Remain continuously enrolled in at least one hour of credit each semester until six hours of internship credits have been completed during employment as an intern
  • Participate in the onsite visit or conference call with the faculty supervisor and company supervisor
  • Do their very best for the company sponsoring their internship
  • Agree to discuss or present information about their internship experience with other students and faculty
  • Participate in scheduled recognition ceremonies
  • Represent their employer, MWSU, the CSB, and themselves in a professional manner

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