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Students-LP-Learing-Exp-700x486Finding the Right Fit

If you are a business owner who is looking for new, energetic and skilled employees, you will find an excellent resource in the Craig School of Business student intern program. CSB interns are full of knowledge fresh from their education and are motivated to begin their career experience.  As employers searching for interns, you will be in control on intern’s rate of pay and hours and develop learning objectives for your intern to follow as guidelines for their experience and your expectations. You will also be required to supply the intern with two evaluations every semester.

CSB interns provide business owners with valuable assistance in many areas, including retail management, marketing analysts, human resources assistants, claims processors, and more.  Contact our Intern Coordinator for more information about how CSB can assist you in finding the perfect intern for your company.

Employers are expected to:

  • Develop Learning Objectives that describe the educational value of the internship
  • Adhere to the non-discrimination policies of MWSU
  • Set the rate of pay and hours with their intern
  • Supervise their interns and communicate any concerns to the Director of the Steven L. Craig School of Business (CSB) Intern Program
  • Complete two evaluations of the interns every semester
  • Support the CSB intern program by requiring interns to continuously enroll in at least one hour of credit each semester until six hours of internship credits have been completed

Steven L. Craig School of Business is expected to:

  • Recruit intern candidates
  • Identify and recommend appropriate candidates for internship positions
  • Review weekly intern logs and provide feedback to the interns
  • Supervise the interns to ensure completion of CSB requirements
  • Work with employers to ensure that they have a good experience and benefit from the internship
  • Have the faculty supervisor make an onsite visit (local area only) or place a conference call (outside local area) with the company supervisor and
  • intern at least once during the semester
  • Organize a community service opportunity for interns through the Chamber of Commerce

For additional information contact:
Debbie Reed
Steven L. Craig School of Business
Internship Director