Craig School of Business


The Craig School of Business takes the extra step to prepare students for careers in business with on-the-job internships. More than 75 percent of students complete internships, better preparing them for a future in business, while also lending value for their selected employers.

Students earning degrees from a world class business school should receive strong training in communication, critical thinking and data analysis skills that help prepare them for careers with the most demanding employers. What separates the internationally accredited Craig School of Business from other quality programs is the internship experience, an essential part of the university’s Applied Learning component. Before graduating, every Craig School of Business major embarks on a hands-on experience which adds to our graduates’ skill set.

Why are internship experiences important to our students?

Internships through the Craig School of Business provide our students with the opportunity to learn about the business world firsthand, develop their business skills, and gain experience that employers seek when hiring recent college graduates. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that employers place a high value on skills gained through actual job location experience. Our community sponsor organizations contribute extensive professional and life-based expertise and experience to the student interns.

What internship opportunities are available?

Students have served as accounting assistants, assistant managers in retail stores, assistant loan officers, salespersons, marketing analysts, human resources assistants, claims processors, customer service assistants and much more.

What Businesses Partner with Craig School of Business?

Craig School of Business Internship Partners