Craig School of Business

Global Viewpoint

Prospective-Students-LP-How-to-Get-Started-700x1050Exploring the World

The Craig School of Business offers you the opportunity to explore the business and culture of a foreign country through the Global Viewpoint course, where you can experience a semester-long study of a country in a two- to three-week visit there. In the past, students have traveled to Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Ecuador and Turkey.

Previous Global Viewpoint programs included a course about New Zealand. Students in the program studied on campus during the spring semester and then traveled to New Zealand for two weeks where they attended seminars at companies and universities throughout the country. Students not only met with New Zealand professionals and university staff, but also worked with students both from New Zealand and other American students from other universities. They worked together on presentations and classroom projects.

The Global Viewpoint program is designed to give students an understanding of global trade issues, American culture and how it is perceived by other countries and the global impact of different business industries in countries besides America. They also learn the skills needed in a global business career that will enable them to navigate challenges that arrive in global marketing and interaction. Exploring your interest in cross-cultural business ventures in a first-hand experience will prove to be a priceless experience in your career.