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Students-LP-Learning-Exp-700x1050What Are Your Aspirations for the Future?

The Aspirations, Inc. program is open to all undergraduate students committed to pursuing graduate study in business, law, accounting, or economics. You will complete a research project under the direction of a faculty member and present the results at a professional conference. For this work, you will receive up to 3 credits of tuition waiver and up to $1000 for conference travel as they pursue undergraduate degrees and plan for graduate business or law school. The goal of Aspirations is to strengthen your application and prepare you for graduate study.

Aspirations, Inc. is an extension of the John Sublett Logan Business Fellowship Program that was established in 1959 by Sheridan A. Logan and Col. Thomas Ashton Logan in memory of their father. It was established as a joint effort among the Logan Foundation, the MWSU Foundation, and the Steven L. Craig School of Business.

What’s Involved

During your junior year, you will work with a faculty member to develop a research topic and write a research paper as part of a Directed Student Research class. You will receive a tuition waiver for the Directed Student Research class. During your senior year, you will present a research paper given at professional conference. You may be eligible for a scholarship of up to $1,000 to pay conference travel and conference expenses.

About Sheridan A. Logan and Col. Thomas Ashton Logan

Sheridan Logan graduated from Harvard College in 1923. After graduation, he went to work for the First National Bank of New York City, and in 1941 he became the Executive Secretary of the George F. Baker Trust, providing college scholarships for approximately 200 young men. Sheridan Logan returned to St. Joseph in 1966. Since then he has written two books: “OLD SAINT JO: GATEWAY TO THE WEST”, 1799-1932 and “GEORGE F. BAKER AND HIS BANK”, 1840-1955. Sheridan Logan died on November 5, 2003.

Col. Thomas Ashton Logan graduated from Yale University in 1926 and from Harvard University Graduate School in 1935. He was associated with Automatic Electric Co., which was merged into the General Telephone and Electronics Co., working in Chicago, New York, Manila, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Thomas Logan was a Colonel in the Illinois National Guard. He was called to active duty in 1941 and participated in the invasion of North Africa. Mr. Logan was awarded the Legion of Merit for helping plan that invasion. Col. Thomas Ashton Logan died March 13, 1991 in St. Joseph, Mo.


  • A strong commitment to graduate study in business, law, accounting or economics
  • 3.25 GPA minimum
  • Active participation in campus and community activities
  • Recommendation of the Craig School of Business
  • Recommendation of MWSU faculty members