Craig School of Business

Applied Learning

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In order to learn about the business world first hand, as a business major, you are required to use the CSB Applied Learning program to acquire experience through internships, faculty-directed research or practicum participation. You can also participate in an international travel course through the Global Viewpoint program. The Applied Learning program will help you develop strong communication, critical thinking and data analysis skills to prepare you for demanding business careers.  The Applied Learning experience is a valuable part of your education because it equips you with the skill sets that employers seek when hiring recent college graduates.

What research opportunities will I have through Applied Learning?
You will have access to several research opportunities where you will work closely with faculty members.

Will I be able to present research findings at conferences?
Yes. You will have the opportunity to present papers at numerous national and international conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada; Milan, Italy; and Ottawa, Canada.

Do business majors have study abroad opportunities?
Yes! The Craig School of Business offers you the opportunity to explore the business world and culture of a foreign country through the Global Viewpoint course, where a semester-long study of a country culminates in a two- to three-week visit there. In the past, students have travelled to Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Ecuador and Turkey.