Craig School of Business


What does it mean to be students at the Craig School of Business? It means you stand out from the crowd. It means you have hands-on experience. It means you have access to exciting opportunities like internships and studying abroad at your fingertips.

As a student at CSB, your journey as students begins when you step onto our campus and the possibilities for where it will take you are endless. Internships will bring you hands-on experience and you can travel and study in other countries thanks to the opportunities available through the Global Viewpoint program. And your options don’t stop there. Explore ways to be involved with other students through the many student organizations on campus and learn more about what career options await you. At the end of your journey at CSB, you may find yourself on a new road to owning your own business. The possibilities are endless and as a student at CSB, you have come to the right place to get started on your future.