Craig School of Business

Transferring Students

A New Place to Call Home

We’re excited that you’ve selected the Craig School of Business as your next education destination and we’ve done our best to make your transfer process as easy as possible. Here, you’ll find access to the resources you need to complete the transfer process. As transferring students, once you’ve registered with Missouri Western State University, you can complete your application to the Craig School of Business and you will be admitted based on your academic records. We’ll ask you to submit your transcripts and then connect you with either a professional within our Advising Center or a professor advisor to help you determine your coursework.

As you get ready to begin your journey, don’t forget about the exciting opportunities offered in our Applied Learning environment. You’ll have access to internships with some of the most successful companies in town, Global Viewpoint that can take you around the world and even projects that bring real-world business challenges into the classroom. This approach to learning delivers the foundation you need to take your education, skillset and experience into a successful career.