Craig School of Business

Learning Experience

Prospetive-Students-LP-Majors-700x1048What Should You Expect from the CSB?

What if someone told you that you could own your own business before you were 30 years old? What if they also told you that you could study abroad or have the chance to present at professional conferences and make connections with experts in your chosen career field throughout the country or the world? Here’s the good news: as a student at the Craig School of Business, all of those opportunities are not only possible; they are the accepted way we provide for a rewarding education for all of our students. Your learning experience at the CSB is stocked with all of those possibilities, and then some. Here, discover more about the entrepreneurship and internship resources available, as well as how you can take part in study abroad opportunities.

The goal of CSB faculty and staff is to cultivate a generation of successful business experts and entrepreneurs. In order to achieve that goal, it is vital that the school supplies you with as many opportunities to thrive as possible. We do this through a number of programs such as advising you on your future career options, assisting you in finding internships and giving you hands-on experience through applied learning opportunities. Take the time to read more about all of these programs in order to grasp all of the exciting things that lay in store for you during your college experience at CSB.