Craig School of Business

Isaac Collins

Major: Management & Marketing ’11
Hometown: St. Joseph, Mo.

Interested in exciting entrepreneurship possibilities? Missouri Western offers unique program through the Center for Entrepreneurship that enables alumni and business seniors to become entrepreneurs by enrolling in MGT 417, an applied entrepreneurship class that involves writing and presenting a business plan for a chance to own and operate their own store. Franchises that have been awarded in the past include Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Aspen Leaf yogurt and Fresca’s Mexican grill.

Isaac enrolled in MGT 417 his senior year in the spring of 2012 in hopes of being awarded his own franchise. He was awarded the opportunity to operate and eventually own a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. His hard work throughout his undergraduate degree paid off. While he was getting his degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management he worked as a server at Olive Garden, marketing and public relations director at the Bartlett Center, merchandise/customer assistant at Sears and media specialist/sales associate at Best Buy.

Isaac also played defensive back for the Missouri Western football team. He is no stranger to hard work and has been operating his store for just over two years.

Running the store has been a life changing experience. It is a dream come true for Isaac.

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