Craig School of Business

The College Experience

Students-LP-Admission-700x1050The Parent Transition

One of the key questions parents often ask on the journey to their child’s college education is whether or not it will produce the desired outcome. Your student wants to experience university life at its fullest; you want to ensure the investment you’re making in their future will produce the desired fruits of your labor. That’s what makes the college experience question so important. At Missouri Western State College Craig School of Business, our focus is to uphold the higher standards of education as exemplified by the University, but to also make the investment in your student’s education to empower them to succeed.

Located in the heart of St. Joseph, MO on the Missouri Western State University campus, the Craig School of Business is not only based in a safe community, it is also focused on innovation, positive learning experiences, challenging opportunities, collaborative environments and rewarding partnerships. This means we have a vested interest in your student’s success.

There are many opportunities that await your student, from educational innovations to how they can become involved in campus activities. A proactive approach to applied learning and enabling them to stay on the right track with their studies through groups and organizations. Encourage your student to visit our website’s Student Organizations to explore more ways they can become involved during their college experience.