Craig School of Business

Faculty / Staff Professional Achievements

At the Craig School of Business, we like to honor our distinguished staff members who have stepped outside of the comforts of the classroom to enhance their field of study. Here, we share with you a list of our faculty and staff and their professional achievements.

Michael Chiao, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)

  • Chiao, M., Gunderson, K. E. (2012). How Has Regulation FD Affected the Performance of Financial Analysts? Journal of Accounting and Finance, 12(1), pp60-72. The journal, JAF are indexed by UMI-Proquest-ABI Inform, EBSCOhost, GoogleScholar, and listed with Cabell’s Directory, Ulrich’s Listing of      Periodicals, Bowkers Publishing Resources, the Library of Congress, the National Library of Canada, and Australia’s Department of  Education Science and Training.
  • Chiao, M., Kao, R., Hu, X. (2012). The Momentous Ripple Effects in the New Investment Environment. Journal of Accounting and Finance, 12(1), pp94-122.
  • Chiao, M., Kao, R., Lin, C.F. (2012). Investors’ Ripple Effects in the Restructured Financial Environment. Journal of Finance Issues, 10(1), pp80-95.
  • Der-Ann Hsu, and Cheng-Huei Chiao (2011). Relative Accuracy of Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts over Time – A Markov Chain Analysis. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (RQFA), 37(4), pp477-507. The journal, RQFA was ranked between top 21 to 28 of Financial & Accounting Journal in US.
  • Present “Did Analysts Learn? — A Rationality Analysis”. Finance Management Association Annual Meeting. (October 22 – 24)
  • Chiao, M.; Kao, R.; Russell, M. (2011) “How is the High-Tech Bubble Affecting Company Performance?” which he co-authored with Robert Kao and Michael Russell, Journal of the Academy of Finance. The journal was listed in Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics and Finance, Tenth Edition, pages 1273 and 1274

Konrad Gunderson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)

  • Present “Does Balance Sheet Classification Matter? Evidence from Trust Preferred Stock”. American Accounting Association Conference. (October 21 – 23)

Larry Lawson, Ph.D. (Professor)

  • Lawson, Larry. (2011). The Effect of Payment Methods on Risk Aversion. Atlantic Economic Journal.

Brett Luthans, Ph.D. (Professor)

  • Present “Psychological Capital: Overview, Current Research and Future Directions” Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting. (November 19 – 24)
  • “Relationship Between Positive Psychological Capital and Creative Performance,” (co-authored). In Press, February 2011. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences.

Prashant Tarun, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)

  • Present “Divergence of Pairwise Comparison Matrices Computed using the Successive Geometric Mean (SGM) Method”. INFORMS 2010 Annual Meeting.