Craig School of Business


I appreciated the small, intimate environment in the Missouri Western business school. Missouri Western’s focus on developing written, public speaking, interpersonal and listening skills has been behind many of my career successes.
My internship was my ‘golden’ experience. My faculty sponsor helped me work through struggles I had, teaching me practical problem-solving skills that I still use today.

Melissa Rewinkel, ’92 Vice President, Federal Government Affairs, Mutual of Omaha, Washington, DC

Several experiences at Missouri Western have played a valuable part in my life and career today. The opportunity to travel to Europe for two weeks and visit Fortune 500 companies was a rare and valuable experience. I also had the opportunity to work in a team environment and be challenged to come up with solutions for a local business’ marketing issues. Missouri Western supplied me with the education I needed to help get me where I am today.

Brant Gillett, ’00 Account Executive, NBC Action News

Missouri Western is unique because of the one-on-one interaction with professors and the classroom experiences. The high quality, well rounded education I received prepared me well for future challenges in life and business.

Tom Norsworthy, ’75 President and CEO, KRM INC.

My ability to work with others as a team and to build the synergy within a group to improve performance started at Missouri Western in my business course projects with other students. Missouri Western challenged me to think beyond the classroom, and to apply principles to real life situations that we experience daily in the workplace.

P. Gordon Robaska, Jr., ’83 Regional Manager, Drury Hotels

My ‘golden’ experience at Missouri Western was the year the International Business Class when we went to London and Scotland. It was amazing getting to see and understand the business side of our overseas counterparts.

Michele Nold, ’99

My education at Missouri Western prepared me for my career by developing my critical thinking skills and then allowing me to enhance those skills through an internship.
I have found that the most unique aspect of Missouri Western is its people. From administration, faculty and staff, they all truly care about my success. The people at Missouri Western feel like family and the campus feels like home.

Tyson Schank, ’04

Missouri Western offers many unique features. The personal attention I received from the faculty at Missouri Western was very important to me. The support I received was outstanding, but not surprising, due to the quality of the faculty. The class sizes supported both individual learning as well as team building skills.
My ‘golden’ experience was the opportunity to represent Missouri Western at an international communication conference in Denmark, where I presented my research findings.

Pam Klaus, ’03 Medical Staff Development Coordinator