Craig School of Business

About the Craig School of Business

Mission: The mission of the Steven L. Craig School of Business at Missouri Western State University is to provide undergraduate students with transformative educational opportunities and a strong foundational education in business.  We will also serve graduate students through a limited number of focused graduate programs.  The Craig school views its role of service to the region and the interaction with its stakeholders as a key driver of student education and faculty development.  The Craig School is committed to scholarly and professional activities that are congruent with this Mission predominantly applied and pedagogical.

Vision: The Craig School of Business aspires to be one of the best undergraduate business schools in a regional public university and to support limited graduate programs.

Welcome to The Steven L. Craig School of Business, where students with a vision to succeed in the world of business begin their professional careers. As a student at the Steven L. Craig School of Business, you will gain experience in not only basic communication, mathematics and computer skills needed to succeed in today’s business atmosphere, but you will gain extensive knowledge of current business practices and strategic perspectives through major and minor courses. You will begin your professional career equipped with a baccalaureate degree that will prove to be a solid foundation on which you will build a lifelong, successful career.

The CSB awards Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees to an average of 120 students each year. Your degree will enable you to launch your career in a variety of business fields. A quality education isn’t the only thing you will gain at the Steven L. Craig School of Business. You will also experience fulfilling campus life, extracurricular activities, applied learning, leadership skills and other career building opportunities that will serve you throughout your life and career.