Buchanan County Degree Attainment Initiative

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships of up to $7,500 will be provided to selected participants, with some participants pursuing relevant associate degrees, and the majority completing bachelor’s degrees.

For each partnering business, at least 51% of scholarship recipients must be low or moderate income (LMI) citizens, using the federal government criteria for their county of residence.

Selection Process:

The BCDAI board will determine the number of candidates to be accepted for each semester, the number who must meet LMI guidelines, and the proportion of participants from each company. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the BCDAI board based upon:

  • the recommendation of the company/sponsor
  • the potential to achieve the 51% LMI requirement
  • the student’s ability to meet expenses
  • the chosen degree plan’s rationality, including the time it takes to graduate, hours carried per semester, GPA, etc…

Maintenance of Scholarships:

Each employer will recommend the continuation or termination of scholarships for it’s students on a semester-by-semester basis. Continuation will be based upon:

  • a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • criteria established by the employer
  • recommendation of the employer

Application of Scholarship Funds:

BCDAI scholarship funds are only to be applied to tuition and approved fees for courses that meet requirements for approved majors (i.e., scholarship dollars may not be used for electives or general education courses). (Approved fees are designated by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.) Scholarship funds cannot be applied to the cost of books.

Missouri Western fees that can be covered by the BCDAI scholarship include:

  • relevant distance learning fees
  • course-based computer lab fee
  • relevant department fees
  • relevant materials fees

Missouri Western fees that cannot be covered by the BCDAI scholarship include:

  • student government fee
  • universal technology fee
  • parking fee
  • insurance fee
  • fees associated with unapproved courses

IMPORTANT Students will be responsible for repaying scholarship funds expended for any course for which an A, B or C is not earned. Ds, Fs or withdrawals will not be paid for by BCDAI scholarships.