Budget Advisory Council


The Budget Advisory Council was formed in May 2009. The purpose of the Council is to engage representatives of the campus community in budget discussion and development.

The Council is charged with:

  1. Communicating budget information to the campus community
  2. Reviewing budget opportunities and challenges
  3. Prioritizing budget initiatives
  4. Providing budget recommendations to the President.

The Council serves only in an advisory capacity. Final decisions will be made by the President’s Cabinet, the President and ultimately the Board of Governors.

The Budget Advisory Council reports to the University President and is chaired by the Vice President for Financial Planning and Administration. The council represents the following areas:

  1. One representative from each President’s Cabinet area:
    1. Academic Affairs
    2. Financial Planning & Administration (Chair)
    3. Student Affairs
    4. University Advancement
    5. External Relations
    6. Athletics
  2. Deans
  3. Faculty Member from each of the Colleges or Schools
  4. Faculty Senate Representative
  5. Staff Senate Representative
  6. Student Government Association Representative
  7. Student Governor
  8. Information Technology
  9. Ex-Officio Positions
    1. Strategic Planning/AQIP
    2. Institutional Research
    3. Associate Vice President for Financial Planning & Administration
    4. Recording Secretary