Department of Art

Major Review

What is the Major Review?

(formerly called Junior Review)

The Major Review is an evaluation of students’ preparation towards their professional expectation. At the beginning of students’ third course in the major*(see course list below), typically in the first junior semester, students assemble a portfolio of studio work produced at Missouri Western State University (MWSU). Faculty members assess the work with the student and may make recommendations for the student to complete. The review starts with a 5-10 minute presentation and should start with an introduction of yourself with a statement of intent indicating what students would like to do after their academic career at MWSU. During the presentation, students should focus on their strengths, artistic influences, demonstration of progress over the past couple of years, their vision of their senior year and reflection upon the area of art/design that interests them. Students need to include a resume and studio BFA students need to include an artist statement. Students need to rehearse this presentation and be prepared to present their work in a professional manner. Using technology appropriate to the student major is strongly encouraged for use during the student’s 5 to 10 minute expository presentation.  Passing the ‘Major Review’ is required for a student who wishes to enroll into ART 494.

When evaluating their portfolio students need to ask these questions:

  • Does the documentation of the work communicate its quality?
  • Does the portfolio communicate skill and commitment?

Evaluation Criteria:
The Art Department is concerned about each student’s professional expectations as they relate to their own personal program. The majority of the work presented should be from the area of their concentration. The faculty is looking for evidence of strong promise in the field of art/design. The criteria used to evaluate the review is as follows:

  • Conceptual Development.
  • Consistency of Quality.
  • Technical Proficiency.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Strong Work Ethic.
  • Working Portfolio.
  • Presentation of Work.

Portfolios Should:

  • Demonstrate a strong focused area of work.
  • Demonstrate quality as opposed to quantity.
  • Demonstrate thought given to the generation and execution of the work.
  • Demonstrate attention to use of materials and processes.

Please fill out and submit the sm_Adobe_PDF MWSU Department of Art Major Review Form before the review.

*list of courses for Major Review.

Degree Course
BFA Digital Animation Art 459 Character Animation
BFA Graphic Design Art 395 Graphic Design II
BFA Studio: Ceramics Art 420 Ceramics III
BFA Studio: Drawing Art 410 Advanced Drawing
BFA Studio: Illustration Art 475 Illustration III
BFA Studio: Painting Art 470 Painting III
BFA Studio: Photography Art 460 Photomedia III
BFA Studio: Printmaking Art 440 Printmaking III
BFA Studio: Sculpture Art 480 Sculpture III
BSE Art Education A Semester before student teaching