Department of Art

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best format for submitting my art work for a scholarship?
Portfolio work may be submitted in the original format. The preferred format for time-based work would be Quicktime files, accessible on a Apple computer. Other work can be viewed in almost any format, including original formats, drawings, paintings, ceramic work, videos and websites.

For more information on scholarships check out our Scholarship page.
What studio areas of focus does the Department of Art offer?
We offer a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Digital Animation or Studio Art. In Studio Art we offer areas of focus in Ceramics, Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture. All students are required to take 9 hours of Foundations before selecting their focus. Students are able to personalize their education by selecting Electives in other disciplines outside their discipline focus, if they choose. Yes, you can major in Photography!
What else can I study in the Art Department besides applied art?
We have an Art Education degree for those who want to teach art in the elementary or secondary school system. We have an Art Therapy emphasis through the B.F.A. Studio Program. We have a minor in Art History that will ready you for Graduate School in Art History, Museum Studies or related work.
What is the student to teacher ratio in the Department of Art classes?
Our student to teacher ratio in class is 25 to 1 at a maximum, with some classes offering as low as a 10 to 1 ratio. Students attending a studio class can expect a lower student to teacher ratio in the studio environment.
What are the best classes to take during the first year of study?
We encourage art majors to take a variety of 100 level studio courses in the first year. A studio major must take their Beginning Drawing, 2-D and 3-D Foundations course before the end of the sophomore year.

Semester 1 ART 110 Beginning Drawing I
ART 120 Two –Dimensional Art
ART 130 Tools and Techniques
Math and English (required) TOTAL 14 hours

Semester 2 ART 160 Beginning Drawing II
ART 170 Three Dimensional Art
English (required)
General Education Elective TOTAL 12 Hours
When do I need to declare my major?
If you are thinking of majoring in art you need to sign a Major Form with the Chair as soon as possible within the first few weeks that you enter into the university. The chair will help you decide which degree best fits the requirement of what you want to do though conversation in his office. You may always change your major. However, having a signed, major form filed in the office will get your paperwork in one area and will give you an advisor in your chosen field. Do this as soon as possible your first semester here with us.
Is it possible to dual major in art for example Graphic Design and Digital Animation?
Yes, it is possible. It is not uncommon to see students dual major in two areas like Graphic Design and Digital Animation.
How do I get in touch with my professors?
You can email your professor or you can call the department of art office and make an appointment. All professors have published offices hours to meet with students. These are located in the main department office.

Additionally, your university Email account should be checked several times daily. This is one method of how your professors will be contacting you.
What do I do to get ready for Major Review?
All of the information required for Major Review can be found on the MWSU Department of Art website.
When are we allowed to work in the studio?
Missouri Western State University (MWSU) normal working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Use of MWSU art facilities at any other time is restricted to students who have a Building Pass.
How can I get a night and weekend pass?
Request forms for passes can be obtained in the MWSU Department of Art office – Potter 103.
How can I get a locker?
Locker request forms can be obtained in the MWSU Department of Art office – Potter 103.
Who is my advisor?
All MWSU art students are advised by their professor in charge of your particular focus:

Art Education – J. Neil Lawley
Art History – Dr. Madeline Rislow
Art Thearpy – David Harris
Ceramics – David Harris
Digital Animation – Pete Hriso
Game Design – Peter Britton
Graphic Design-Junior/Senior Teresa Harris
Graphic Design-Freshmen Matt Hepworth
Honors - Rebecca Foley
Illustration – Matt Hepworth
Painting - Kathy Liao
Photography – Rebecca Foley
Printmaking - Kathy Liao
Sculpture - J. Neil Lawley
What courses can I transfer?
Many courses can be transferred. Contact the registrar’s office for a listing of courses that will automatically transfer from other institutions. Additional courses may transfer with the approval of the instructor and the department chairperson.
Should I complete my general education courses before transferring to the art department?
We recommend that transfer students do not arrive with all of the general education courses completed, as those are necessary to balance out coursework each semester.
How many art courses can I take in one semester?
We recommend no more than 3 studio classes be taken in any semester, as each studio course has intense demands of time and coursework.