Department of Art

Minor in Sculpture

ART 110 Beginning Drawing I:
Elementary drawing with the figure, still life, landscape, and perspective in various media.
ART 130 Tools & Techniques:
Basic skills with studio hand tools and power equipment; emphasizes safety procedures.
ART 170 3D Design:
Emphasis on form and composition using a problem solving approach; exploration of a wide variety of three-dimensional materials and processes.
ART 345 3D Modeling & Design Process:
This course will investigate the creation and manipulation of three-dimensional forms and environments using experimental methods – primarily digitally based methods coupled with new forms of output such as 3D printing.
ART 379 Sculpture I:
Basic foundations in sculpture: theory, techniques, materials, processes.
ART 380 Sculpture II:
Sculptural theory, concepts, techniques, materials, and processes at the intermediate level.
ART 480 Sculpture III:
Advanced techniques in various media emphasizing individual experience.

Total 20 Hours