Department of Art

Minor in Painting

ART 110 Beginning Drawing I:
Elementary drawing with the figure, still life, landscape, and perspective in various media.
ART 120 Two Dimensional Design:
Design principles and fundamentals in two-dimensional media using a problem-solving approach.
ART 160 Beginning Drawing II:
The figure in various media; still life, landscape, and nonobjective directions; problems dealing with the complete drawing.
ART 369 Painting I:
Color, composition, and technique; the figure, still life, and nonobjective problems. Prerequisites: 6 credit hours in drawing.
ART 370 Painting II:
Continuation of exploration with color, composition, and technique; figurative and nonobjective directions. Prerequisites: ART 369.
ART 470 Painting III:
Advanced problems dealing with color and composition; figurative and nonobjective directions. Six studio hours. Prerequisites: ART 370.
ART 229 Design Software Applications (-or- ART 339):
Introduction to computer hardware, software and peripherals commonly used by professional artists. Beginning projects utilizing computer-assisted design.
ART 339 Printmaking I (-or- ART 229):
Relief and intaglio printmaking processes. Prerequisites: ART 120 and ART 160.

Total 24 Hours