Department of Art

Minor in Graphic Design

ART 110 Beginning Drawing I:
Elementary drawing with the figure, still life, landscape, and perspective in various media.
ART 120 Two Dimensional Design:
Design principles and fundamentals in two-dimensional media using a problem-solving approach.
ART 229 Design Software Applications:
Introduction to computer hardware, software and peripherals commonly used by professional artists. Beginning projects utilizing computer-assisted design.
ART 329 Graphic Design I:
An introduction to the practical and theoretical aspects of graphic design, focusing on the exploration of conceptual ideas and the development of visual problem-solving skills. Identity systems, principles of symbology, and the fundamentals of page layout will be explored.
ART 333 Typography:
A study of the principles and practices of historic and contemporary typographic design focusing on such factors as size, form, contrast, color, spacing and design of the printed word and printed page. Students learn typographic structure and informational hierarchies while exploring both the formal and expressive qualities of type. This fundamental course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of typography as a fundamental and aesthetic element of visual communication.
ART 395 Graphic Design II:
Further investigation into the concepts and processes of visual communication. Emphasis will be placed on typographic design concepts, color usage, image generation and development, and creative problem solving. Branding strategies, corporate identity, and packaging design will be introduced.
ART 492 Graphic Design III:
Further investigation into design communications by exploring page layout systems, grid structures, informational design, editorial design, and multi-page formats. Principles of advertising design and layout will be explored.

Total 21 Hours