Department of Art

Minor in Digital Animation

ART 110 Beginning Drawing I:
Elementary drawing with the figure, still life, landscape, and perspective in various media.
ART 120Two Dimensional Design:
Design principles and fundamentals in two-dimensional media using a problem-solving approach.
ART 160 Beginning Drawing II:
The figure in various media; still life, land – scape, and nonobjective directions; problems dealing with the complete drawing.
ART 229 Design Software Applications:
Introduction to computer hardware, software and peripherals commonly used by professional artists. Beginning projects utilizing computer-assisted design.
ART 210 Animation Fundamentals:
Study of the fundamental principles and mechanics of motion through hand-drawn animation. Students explore timing, spacing, weight, staging an image for clarity, emotion and storytelling, and learn to apply and manipulate the fundamental concepts to creatively animate an idea. May be repeated for credit.
ART 250 Motion Graphics:
This course is an introduction to Motion Graphics and Compositing, which includes the categories of commercial, interactive, broadcast, main title and music video. The course will include lectures, showcases and demonstrations of the history, techniques and applications of motion graphics in media. Projects will cover basic motion graphics principles, design and composition, timing and drama, storyboarding and planning, sound and music development and synchronization. Appropriate and current industry standard computer applications will be introduced and applied. May be repeated for credit.
ART 321 Digital 3D Modeling:
Working with industrial 3D modeling software, this course provides an introduction to 3D model design. Students will learn how to utilize modeling techniques and applications, and gain a basic understanding of 3D modeling to design organized virtual models.
ART 325 Digital 3D Lighting:
Study beginning rendering techniques using industry standard renders. Create custom shaders work with lighting and develop an understanding of the rendering and lighting process. May be repeated for credit.

Total 24 hours