Illustrators are more than picture makers or stylistic interpreters. The best illustrators offer more than a design framework; they are storytellers. They contribute visual points of view and add value to editorial and advertising projects through their pictorial content.

The Illustration area is designed to:

  • Develop a student’s personal expression through the exploration of concept, communication, thought-process and technical skill.
  • Identify and improve upon weaknesses in concept, design and technique.
  • Focus the student’s work to best develop a personal aesthetic.
  • Create an awareness of the business aspects of illustration, including effective promotion and client service.

Illustrators need more than drawing and painting skills; they need a strong liberal arts background, particularly in history, literature and writing. The ability to deliver the complete story in illustration is crucial. The goals of the course are to prepare students for what to expect in pursuing a career in the illustration/graphic design field. Also, students will develop a functional awareness of the business practices required to appropriately provide service to their clients.

Students are encouraged to produce “hybrid” illustrations, images whose matrix is a synthesis of drawing/painting and computer manipulation. Students have access to all the studios as well as to the Mac Lab, which features the most current Mac computers and software, as well as large-format printers.