Department of Art


graphic_designWhat majors and minors are offered?
Western’s Department of Art offers four bachelor’s degrees. Students may elect the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio, intended to train professional, practicing artists in a variety of media; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design that prepares students for a career in graphic design; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation that prepares students for a career in the field of animation; the Bachelor of Science in Art Education for students who wish to teach art in the public school system; and a minor in Art History that gives students a broad overview of the history of art.

In addition, the Department of Art offers a graduate degree in applied media and convergent media through the Masters of Applied Arts in Digital Media. The curriculum covers a wide range of critical and technical issues that encompass the full range of electronically mediated human experience. It has been specifically conceived as an interdisciplinary laboratory where students combine the traditional foundations of design and visual communication, video and music with a view towards developing fresh creative strategies. The Master of Applied Arts in Digital Media at Missouri Western State University is a professional degree program focused on producing technically sophisticated, artistically talented graduates who are sought after by corporations, advertising agencies, graphic design studios and by the growing electronic arts industry.

Why should I major in Art?
An Art degree prepares students to practice art on a professional level. You may want to major in Art if you feel compelled to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings through art. The Western Art Department offers you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of media.

Are your programs accredited?
The Art Education program is fully accredited by the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Why is it important that the program is accredited?
National accreditation is one way to ensure the quality of the program you choose. The organizations providing accreditations ensure the program meets certain standards of quality.

painting01What type of graduate schools and programs are your graduates attending?
In addition to our own graduate program in integrated media, many art graduates earn Master of Fine Arts degrees, and those with Art Education degrees often earn advanced degrees in that field. Recent graduates have earned degrees from Kansas State University, University of Maine and College of Staten Island in Brooklyn, N.Y.

What are the admission requirements for the program?
Students must complete three courses, ART 110 Beginning Drawing, ART 120 Two-Dimensional Design, and ART 130 Tools and Techniques, with a 2.5 GPA before declaring a major in the department.

As a high school student, how should I prepare for an Art degree?
If you are considering an art major in college, complete the high school core curriculum, and take all the art courses available at your high school. Also, visit art museums and enroll in art programs or seminars. You may want to look into volunteering at a museum.

What is the typical class size?
Academic classes may contain up to 30 students, but studio classes are 20 and under in number. Faculty members work closely with students individually and in small groups throughout their college careers.

How do students work together with faculty?
Faculty members are actively involved in students’ college experiences, helping them plan their coursework and careers. Students in studio classes can be assured that professors demonstrate processes or procedures in class and on an individual basis outside of the classroom if a student needs additional help.

Professors also work one-on-one with students or in small groups on research projects.