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Matt Hepworth

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Assistant Professor of Art
Director of Interactive Design

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Matt Hepworth is an Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Western State University (MWSU), teaching courses in Interactive Design and Illustration. Prior to arriving at MWSU, he taught courses in Graphic Design, Art History, and Digital Photography. Pedagogically, he believes that integrating interdisciplinary design collaboration and reflective practice prepares students toward becoming inveterate design thinkers.

In addition to teaching, Matt served in the design industry as a senior designer and illustrator for 12 years involved in: art direction, front-end design and development, identity and print design, technical writing, usability testing, user-centered design, and 3D modeling. A recipient of regional, national, and international awards, recent work includes fine art illustration, non-profit business consultation, and service to K-12 professional development. Design service includes higher education and national corporations, including CenturyLink, Microsoft, SEO-Moz, Volkswagen, and Gonzaga University. Having met his wife in New Zealand, he enjoys traveling, photography, biking, culinary experiences, and writing.


Course #: Course Name:
ART 120 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 229 Design Software Applications
ART 315 Illustration I
ART 349 Interactive Design I
ART 375 Illustration II
ART 388 Interactive Design II
ART 475 Illustration III
ADM 615 Digital Compositing (ADM)
ADM 640 Interactive Design (ADM)


M.F.A. Savannah College of Art and Design
B.A. Eastern Washington University

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