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Kwanza Humphrey at Underground Gallery March 1 – 29, 2013

11 March 2013, Comments: Comments Off

khumphryKansas City Artists Coalition

Kwanza Humphrey

Life influences his paintings. He wants to bring something personal to the viewer. Humphrey has over ten years of experience in the design and art field. Starting in print and then to web development, his first love is illustration.

“Painting is an emotional experience for me, so much so that it’s hard to put into words the way I work. Sometimes I have a conversation with myself and shape a feeling. Other times I just let go and let my subconscious take over where color and brush are the medium I use to communicate.”

He is currently employed as a multi-media flash developer where he works with a team to design web enabled instructions.

Kwanza is a graduate of Missouri Western State University Department of Art

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