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Animation Scholarship Fund

12 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off

Every year a $1000 scholarship is given to one deserving animation student, along with a one-year membership in Women In Animation. The annual beginning submission date is September 15th. The yearly deadline is April 29th (Phyllis Craig’s birthday) and winners will be notified by July 1st.

Submissions Must Include:

1. A portfolio or reel. Portfolio artwork should be copied and reduced to 8 _ by 11”. Do not send originals.
Portfolios and/or reels will not be returned.

2. A 500 word essay outlining educational and career goals, and financial need. Essays should be typewritten or clearly printed.

3. One written recommendation from a teacher or mentor.

4. A copy of your Student Identification.

Award: One winner will receive a $1,000 award and a one year membership in Women in Animation.

Judging: Judging is solely the responsibility of WIA and the decision is final. Judging will be done by the WIA

Scholarship Committee. Winners will be notified by July 1st.

Submissions: Applications open every year on September 15th . The submission deadline is April 29th. All materials must be submitted together. Clearly label all parts of your submission with name, address and telephone number of applicant. Please include your email address, if you have one.

More information here.

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