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Note Takers

Welcome to the web page for students volunteering to serve as Note Takers for students with disabilities. Note Takers provide an invaluable service to students with a variety of disabilities who find it difficult or impossible to take their own notes. Please keep in mind that these students are relying on you to capture as much information as possible during course lectures and discussions and to get them a copy of your notes as soon as possible so they can review them before the next class period. If something changes during the course of the semester and you no longer wish to serve as a Note Taker, please notify Sue Barnes at 271-4285 so that she can find another student to serve as a Note Taker. If you successfully serve as a Note Taker during the full duration of the semester (15 or 16 weeks), you will qualify for a stipend of $100 that will be credited to your account through the Office of Financial Aid at the end of the semester. To be able to credit your student account, we will need the information requested below.

Note Taker Information

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  • By submitting this form, you are agreeing to provide a legible copy of your notes to the student(s) who need them within 24 hours following the class period.