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The Mochila Review will no longer exist as an open submissions national literary magazine in print form. Our goal from here on is to publish the finest writing produced only by undergraduates across our nation. We will exist primarily in online form only, with the "print on demand" option, though we will still pay contributors in printed copies at our expense.

Few things bring greater pleasure to those of us who teach creative writing than having a student explode into our office, beaming that this or that magazine picked up some of her or his writing. If you are an undergraduate writer, please send us your best work. For those of you reading this who teach or have regular contact with undergraduates, make us known to them.


We want good stuff from undergraduates. Your best stuff! Stuff that's so good you wonder if you actually wrote it. Or drew it. Or photographed it. What lit mag doesn't want that?

Up to 5 poems We like it vivid and energetic on the page and on the stage. Spoken word audio files considered for our Podcast. While we're not prudes, we're proud of language and images that evoke emotions other than those produced by words rhyming with truck and witch. Please send no more than five poems at one time.
Around 5000 words We seek smart edgy writing that pays as much attention to language and to plot as to characters. Flash fiction, conventional shorts, personal essays, short illustrated graphic fictions, and stand-alone novel excerpts welcome. Works under 5,000 words have best chance of acceptance, though we'll make space for slightly longer works that leave us breathless.
Visual Art
A few pieces Photography, illustrations, and other visual art is welcome. Please send in .jpg format.
No more than 4 pages We like stories told with words and images. Send us your comics, comic strips, and cartoons.


Submit written work using the textbox. To submit artwork or comics, please email us.

The Mochila Review, Dept. of English, Journalism, Foreign Languages, 525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, MO 64507, mochila@missouriwestern.edu    |    Staff