Established in 1983, the Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest award given to an alumnus/alumna by the Missouri Western State University Alumni Association.

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes living alumni for their career/professional achievements; civic contributions within their local community, state or nation; service to Missouri Western State University, and other qualities which elicit pride from others who attended a Missouri Western State University Institution.

This award is given to alumni with a difference of at least eleven (11) years between attendance and nomination.

All of the Missouri Western State University Alumni Awards are awarded to nominees through a rigorous selection process and at the pleasure and discretion of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association.

All recipients of the Alumni Awards and their accomplishments are intended to reflect the values, excellence and integrity of Missouri Western State University.



Keith Evans '78
Keith Evans '78MD, PT, DPT


James Sheehan '78
James Sheehan '78CFO Hormel Foods


Wayne Chatham '90
Wayne Chatham '90Vice Chairman of Card Compliant LLC
Jeff Mittie '89
Jeff Mittie '89NCAA Division I Basketball Coach
Ellen Sommer '93
Ellen Sommer '93Renowned Pianist


Dr. Ken Rosenauer '74
Dr. Ken Rosenauer '74
Scott Graham '78
Scott Graham '78
Col. Andrew Halter '86
Col. Andrew Halter '86
Hon. Larry Stobbs '74
Hon. Larry Stobbs '74