Student Success & Academic Advising Center



Who is my academic advisor?
You can go to your Goldlink account; click on the “Student Academics” tab and in the bottom left-hand corner is your advisor’s name. To find your advisor’s email, phone number and department location, go to “Directories” on the main webpage and go through the “Find an Employee” search process. Academic advisors will be assigned by the fourth week of classes.

How can I change my advisor?
You can either go to the Student Success Center or go to the academic department you plan to switch to and fill out a Change of Advisor form.

How do I declare my major?
Go to the academic department you plan to major in and fill out the major declaration form for your area of study.

Where can I find the major declaration forms?
You can find the major/minor forms by going to Missouri Western’s homepage, go to A-Z Search and click on M, then click on Major/Minor Forms. There is also a link on your “Student Academics” tab of Goldlink, under the “Advisement” section.

How can I change my major?
At the same site where the Major/Minor forms are listed, at the top is the Major-Minor Change Form that you need to fill out and follow the directions on that form for proper processing.

How many times can I change my major?
There is no set number of times students can change their majors. However, students must remember courses that have been taken will not always carry over to another major, leaving some hours that will have to go toward elective hours. Also, when you change your major, general studies taken for one major might differ with the new major. Therefore, it is important to double check your major declaration form to ensure you have completed the appropriate general studies courses for your chosen major.

Will I still have class credit from my previous courses if I change my major?
Yes, these hours will go toward elective hours if they are not listed on your new major declaration form.

Can I take extra classes that do not pertain to my degree?
Yes. However, Financial Aid only funds students up to a specific number of hours to obtain a degree (Associate’s is 93 hours; Bachelor’s is 186 hours). Therefore, it is important for students to prepare their four-year plans to determine if they have time to take extra classes and complete their major requirements within the specified number of hours for financial aid.

Who has the final say in my class schedule? My advisor or me?
Students have final say as to what classes they want in their schedules. However, students need to consult with their academic advisors to ensure they are taking the courses needed for their major plans of study.

Is there a time limit to complete my degree?
Please note the expiration date on the major declaration form at the time you officially file it. This will inform you as to the time limit you need to adhere to for completion of your course requirements.

Where can I get help if I am struggling in a class?
Free tutoring is available to current Missouri Western students at the Center for Academic Support (CAS) in the Hearnes Center. Math and writing tutors work regularly scheduled hours throughout the day to assist students in those areas. Content tutors work by appointment only. Go to and go to “Tutor List” to view the content tutors that are already set up for specific classes. If the class you need assistance with is not listed, go to the CAS early in the semester to request a tutor. This process can sometimes take two-three weeks, so it is important to not wait until the last minute to get this process started.

Where do I go to add or drop a class?
Prior to the beginning of classes and during the first five days of class, students can log in through Goldlink and add and/or drop classes.

How do I withdraw from a class after the drop period (first week of classes)?

Students cannot withdraw from a class online after the first week of classes.  They can go to the Registrar’s Office and fill out a form to withdraw from a class.  To withdraw from ENG 100, RDG 095, MAT 081 or MAT 083 students will be required to meet with an advisor in Student Success to obtain a signature before the withdrawal process is allowed.  For the withdrawal deadline refer to the Advising Calendar on the Student Success main webpage or the Registration Guide on the Registrar’s Office webpage.

Can I take Continued Education Division (CED) classes?
Students are able to take CED classes; however, any class that begins with a CED prefix does not count in the credit hour load for financial aid. To receive full financial aid, you must be enrolled in 12 credit hours, but these 12 credit hours cannot consist of any classes with a CED prefix without prior approval from Financial Aid and your academic advisor.

If I have taken foreign language in high school or speak a second language, what foreign language class should I take?
If you took two or more years of the same foreign language in high school, you should take the foreign language test through the English/Modern Languages/Journalism Department (EML). The placement test is offered free of charge, and you will receive your results by email. Should you decide to claim your credit, you must file a test-out petition and pay the test fee of $85.00. Stop by the EML Department in Eder Hall 212 for instructions on how to claim your credit. However, if you enroll in the course suggested by the placement test and complete that course with a grade of C or better, your test fee will be refunded in full! That means that you may receive up to 12 hours of free credit!

Do classes below 100 count toward graduation?
No. RDG 095, MAT 081 and MAT 083 do not count toward graduation. However, the grades you receive in these courses are figured into your GPA.


How can my student find a job?
There are work-study jobs on campus if a student qualifies.  Students must complete the FAFSA to determine if they are eligible for work-study. There are also jobs available for students who don’t qualify for work-study.  There are jobs on and off campus where students can apply for employment.  The quickest way to find out about these different jobs is through the Student Employment Office (Eder Hall 202).

What if my student gets sick?
Missouri Western has the Esry Student Health Center located in the Blum Union available for ALL students if they are sick or in need of any medical information:

Is Missouri Western a safe campus and what services are offered in the area of public safety?
Missouri Western has traditionally had a low crime rate.  Campus crime statistics for the last three years are available at  In addition, services provided by the University Police Department are available at

My student is struggling in a couple of classes; is there any academic assistance available?
The Center for Academic Support is a great resource for students to get academic assistance individually, with tutors or even formal study groups.  The Center is located in the Hearnes Center next to the Library (kind of convenient).  More about their services can be found at

Can we still apply for scholarships?
Student Financial Aid can seem to be a complicated process but there are many opportunities for students to get some financial assistance.  All financial aid inquires should go directly to the Financial Aid office.

I’m not sure but my student may have some learning challenges; is there a place that might help address those questions?

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) has a confidential online “Access” survey for students to test their learning challenges.  No matter what the outcome the Accessibility Resource Center can help all students.  Some may just need assistance with taking notes in class and the ARC is there to help.

Is there space available in the Residence Halls?  Can my student find out who his/her roommate is?  Are the beds a special size? And MANY more questions:
All can be answered by the Office of Housing and Residential Life:

Why can’t I call my student’s teachers and ask them about my student’s progress?
Many parents find that access to university student records is not the same as they were used to in K-12.  In brief this is the gist of the law:  In the absence of an official request, information contained in a student’s records remains confidential between the student and Missouri Western and will not be released to third parties (this includes parents) without the consent of the student.  Students can complete a Federal Buckley Amendment Release Form to allow a designated person(s) to contact Missouri Western concerning information pertaining to the student’s financial and/or academic records.  More information about student records can be found in the Student Handbook.

What is the interaction of the community especially in regards to banking and shopping?
The city of St. Joseph is very supportive of Missouri Western and its students!  Local banks have numerous ATM machines on campus and many provide free checking and debit card services.  And, if you want to know about the best places to eat in St. Joe, ask a current student!  The students know where the best food and prices are at all the restaurants.
If you’d like to learn more about St. Joseph go to

What can students do when they aren’t studying –  you know that one hour a day they are not buried in a book or writing a paper?
Well for the few moments when students aren’t pursuing the world of scholarly enlightenment, there are many things to do on campus.  Campus activities, intramurals, the Baker Fitness Center and many other options await students.  The best place to find out about all the student services available is the area of Student Affairs.