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Early Interventions

Early Intervention Process:

The Early Intervention Process is designed to assist instructors with contacting students who may be struggling in a class, to report attendance issues, conduct/discipline issues, or if a student is struggling overall and needs to get connected to resources. This process is not limited to just freshmen; students of all academic levels can be reported through the Early Intervention system.

Reporting type options have been expanded to allow faculty to be more explicit and inclusive regarding the student’s issue. Here are the reporting options available in the Early Intervention system:

  • Student lacks essential reading skills
  • Student lacks essential writing skills
  • Student lacks essential math skills
  • Student demonstrates a lack of organization in work
  • Student’s work is below expectations for this course
  • Student is not completing assignments/homework
  • Student has missed quizzes, exams, etc.
  • Student is not engaged or participating in class discussions
  • Student is attending but not making satisfactory progress
  • Student is not performing well on quizzes/tests
  • Student doesn’t have textbook/access codes required for class
  • Student is not attending class
  • Student has never attended class
  • Student is continually late to class
  • Student exhibits disruptive classroom behavior
  • Student responds inappropriately to instructor
  • Student is having personal issues
  • Student has demonstrated drastic changes in appearance/behavior
  • Student is having family issues
  • Student is having social issues
  • Recommend student withdraw from this class
  • Other issue (please be specific)

Suggested timeline for Early Intervention Reports:

  • First day of class through last day to withdraw, all issues can be reported and will be processed through the reporting process listed below.
  • If by the fourth week of classes the student is not making adequate academic progress, students should be reported through the Early Intervention process. Please use your judgment when reporting students for unsatisfactory academic progress.
  • Attendance issues and unsatisfactory academic progress issues need to be reported before the last date to withdraw (10/31/14) to be considered “early intervention.”  However, all other issues should be reported to the end of the semester.

If you are reporting a discipline issue, make sure you have first discussed the issue with the student and your department chair prior to reporting a student for discipline. If further discipline action is needed by the Dean of Students then process the Early Intervention report accordingly. This will be forwarded directly to the Dean of Students Office for conduct/discipline action.

If the student reported is an athlete, Eric Kramer, NCAA Compliance Officer, is notified by email.

Instructors can assist with the intervention process in the following ways:

  • Discuss tardy issues or leaving class early directly with the student
  • Referrals to the Center for Academic Support (tutoring), Counseling Center (counseling), Student Success (time management/test-taking strategies), etc., can be made to struggling students if they are attending your class
  • Record on the Early Intervention report what strategies you have implemented to address the situation in the area specified

Advisors can assist with the intervention process in the following ways:

The advisor of record will be included on the student’s email to alert the advisor of the student’s issue and to encourage additional contact with their advisee regarding the matter. Advisors are encouraged to do the following:

  • Contact their advisee by phone or email to encourage them to come in and discuss the issue reported through the Early Intervention system.
  • Refer their advisee to campus resources, if applicable, to address the issue reported.

Early Interventions can be reported through the following ways:

  • GoldLink Faculty tab (under Faculty Tools)
  • A-Z Search under “E” for Early Interventions
  • Student Success website: click on the Early Intervention icon on our home page

Important reminders:

  • Before reporting a student, check your most current Class Roster through GoldLink to make sure the student is still enrolled in the class in which they are being reported.
  • Make sure the student’s G# is correct and the student’s name is spelled correctly to ensure accurate reporting of the student.
  • If there are multiple students to report from one class, it is necessary to report each student individually to ensure that each student has their own record in the Early Intervention software system. This is necessary for accuracy on end-of-semester reporting.
  • It is important to put specific notes in the “Comments” section regarding attendance dates, missed assignments, poor performance, etc. This will enable the advisor to have a more in-depth conversation when they are speaking with the student.
  • If you have contacted the student regarding the matter, it is not necessary to report this issue through Early Intervention.
  • If a message needs to be sent to your student to set up a meeting, do not use the Early Intervention system. This can be done directly by the instructor through the Missouri Western email system.
  • A disclosure on your course syllabus regarding the process of Early Intervention is encouraged and helps the student understand the process much clearer.


The Advising Team in the Student Success & Academic Advising Center is available to assist instructors and be that front-line contact with the students to intervene early, providing them information about the campus resources that are available. The following are the steps taken when an Early Intervention report comes in:

  1. Once the report is submitted by the instructor, an email is sent to the Director of Student Success & Academic Advising Center as notification that an Early Intervention Report has been filed.
  2. The Director then verifies that the student is still enrolled in the course and has not dropped or withdrawn from the course.
  3. If the student is no longer enrolled in the class, an email is sent to the reporting instructor and the report is marked “resolved” in the system.
  4. If the student is still enrolled in the class, the student is automatically sent an email to contact the Student Success & Academic Advising Center regarding the issue. A copy of this email is sent to the advisor of record and to the reporting faculty member.
  5. If the student calls or comes in to meet with one of the Student Success advisors, the advisor records notes on the Early Intervention system and sends the reporting instructor (copy to advisor of record) an email concerning the student’s feedback regarding the matter.
  6. The report is then marked “Resolved” in the system.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Early Intervention Process should be directed to Elaine Bryant, Director of Student Success & Academic Advising Center, x5636, or

Last revised 8/14/14