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Admitted with Conditions

What is Admission with Conditions? This is admission to the University with certain conditions due to the high risk nature of your academic record based on your ACT composite score and high school GPA. Enrolling as a part-time student is your opportunity to strengthen basic academic skills and prove your ability to be successful at the University level.

Why can I only enroll part-time? By enrolling as a part-time student (see your decision letter for exact limitations) in a limited number of classes (i.e. developmental reading – RDG 095, developmental mathematics – MAT 081, developmental English – ENG 100, Freshman Seminar – UNV 101, Griffon Edge – CED 131 [fall only]), you will be able to focus your efforts and maximize your success. By taking one or two fewer courses, you will also be able to spend more out-of-class time utilizing campus resources such as the Center for Academic Support which offers free tutoring in all of these courses.

How will enrolling part-time impact my Financial Aid package? By taking fewer credit hours, you limit your financial obligation to the University. Students that receive a Federal Pell Grant will not lose their grant; it will simply be prorated based on the number of credit hours in which you enroll. However, Missouri Access grants require full-time enrollment.

What are the expectations of Admission with Conditions? To continue enrollment at Missouri Western, you are required to sign an agreement stating that you will:

  1. attend and successfully complete specified registration and orientation programs prior to the first day of classes (you may not register during Walk-In Registration or Late Registration);
  2. meet class expectations;
  3. achieve a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 at the end of the first semester for all credit hours attempted;
  4. maintain enrollment in your core courses.

Students who don’t meet these expectations will be dismissed from the University and will not be able to enroll in classes for one semester.

How do I gain regular admission to the University? You have three ways of changing your admission status from conditional to regular admission:

  1. You can retake the ACT or increase your GPA to meet the posted admissions standards for full-time admission (see chart below).
  2. Fall applicants can attend summer school to complete 6 credit hours of transferable coursework in English, mathematics or Reading with a 2.0 GPA or higher.
  3. You may apply for an individual review of your unique circumstances. See the Appeal Process section for more information.
FULL TIME ADMISSIONS STANDARDS Regular, full-time admission is granted to students who meet the following sliding scale:

  • ·   21 ACT (1070 SAT)

    ·   20 ACT (1050 SAT) AND 2.30 GPA

    ·   19 ACT (980 SAT) AND 2.30 GPA

    ·   18 ACT (901 SAT) AND 2.50 GPA

    ·   17 ACT (900 SAT) AND 2.50 GPA

    ·   16 ACT (890 SAT) AND 2.70 GPA

    ·   15 ACT (810 SAT) AND 2.70 GPA

How do I appeal this decision?  The goal of the Office of Admissions is to allow students with demonstrated potential for success to enroll as full-time students and we acknowledge that this potential is not always evident based on standardized test scores or previous academic work. If you have a unique situation, you may choose to appeal your admission to the Admissions Committee. This requires you to complete the appeal form, requesting an individual review of your circumstances along with 2 letters of recommendation by the appropriate deadline referred to in your acceptance packet. The Admissions Committee meets routinely and will notify you of their decision via postal mail. To begin the Individual Review process, download the application packet at: and follow the instructions. NOTE: this is not an automatic waiver; each request is reviewed by the Admissions Committee for extenuating circumstances and evidence of potential success at the University level. 

Do I have other options? What if I need to be a full-time student? Admission with Conditions is your only opportunity to enroll at Missouri Western State University at this time. If you need to enroll as a full time student, we have transfer agreements with several Missouri community colleges. If you attend a Missouri community college for your first two years and complete your Associate of Arts degree, you will have completed the General Studies requirements at Missouri Western.

What if this affects my health insurance? Some insurance companies require students to be enrolled full-time to be covered under their parent’s insurance. The University does offer an insurance package which will cover you while enrolled part-time. Once you are granted regular admission, you can enroll full-time and begin coverage under your parent’s insurance. For more information about our insurance program, visit: