Student Success & Academic Advising Center

A+ Students

As of December, 2012, Missouri Western is no longer able to accept new freshmen students who want to participate in the Missouri A+ program. Missouri Western does offer the Missouri Western A+ Scholarshipto A+ certified students. This is a competitive scholarship and students must apply using the Missouri Western Scholarship application process by March 1st each year. If a student is interested in the Missouri Western A+ Scholarship, they should contact Peggy Payne in Admissions – 816.271.4547 –

Students who are currently enrolled and eligible for Missouri A+ benefits will continue to receive Missouri A+funds through June 30, 2016. Also transfer and returning students who have remaining eligibility will be able to utilize the Missouri A+ program through June 30, 2016. Missouri A+ is coordinated by Cathy Gann in the Student Success & Academic Advising Center – 816.271.5621 –