Student Success & Academic Advising Center

Advisor Information

Split Model – Missouri Western has a split model of advising. In other words, initial advising of students is split between academic advisors in a central advising office and faculty advisors in each department. Usually, students who have not declared a major are assigned to the central office, while students who have declared a major are assigned to faculty in their major department. Students are strongly encouraged to develop a relationship with their assigned advisor and to meet regularly with that person. So, you may be wondering… Who is my advisor? What is their role? How do I find them?

Academic Advisor – A staff member that has at a minimum, a master’s degree in Higher Education, Student Personnel Services, Counseling or a related field and can help students with a variety of advising questions and concerns. Such as:

• general degree requirements

• offices or departments from which to seek additional assistance

• general review of degree requirements

• basic information

• registration information

Faculty Advisor – A faculty member in your major department. The faculty member is seen as an expert in his/her field and can provide important advice about careers, graduate school, internships, and the preferred sequencing of major course requirements. It is best to seek assistance from your Faculty Advisor to acquire information about:

• course selection and concerns

• specialization requirements

• information concerning co-ops and internships

• career options and opportunities

• organizations and membership opportunities in your major

What is Advisement?

Advisement is an interactive process involving you and your advisor in the planning of your

college career.

How do I know who my advisor is?

  • Sign into your Goldlink Account
  • Go to Student Academic Tab
  • In the bottom left-hand corner of the page is your advisor’s name

How do I find my advisor’s contact information?

  • Go to the Missouri Western Homepage
  • Select Directories
  • Select Find an employee
  • Type in the first name and last name of your advisor
  • Do NOT forget to type in the CAPTCH image
  • Select Search

What if I want to change my advisor?

  • Go to the academic department that you want to change your major to and request that they process the electronic Change of Advisor form, choosing the new advisor.
  • Or meet with an advisor in the Student Success & Academic Advising Center (Eder Hall 209) to get this electronic form processed.


If you are a new student, you may not have an advisor assigned until the end of the 4th week of classes. In this case, please go to the Student Success & Academic Advising Center (Eder Hall 209) for assistance.

If you are non-degree seeking, visiting high school or visiting college student, you will not be assigned to an advisor. However, if you have advising questions, please stop by the Student Success & Academic Advising Center (Eder Hall 209) for assistance.