Freshman Student

Students are granted admission to Missouri Western after a review of their academic transcripts, test scores and/or other necessary admissions documents are received. Below you'll find a list of the items required for admittance.
General Studies Requirements
To be regularly admitted into our General Studies program, students must have the following ACT subscores:

19 English ACT subscore
19 Reading ACT subscore
20 Mathematics ACT subscore

Students who do not meet these guidelines must complete developmental coursework their first semester and continue taking these courses until their General Studies English and mathematics requirements are met.
Automatic Admission
Automatic, full-time admission will be granted to first-time students who meet the following criteria:

ACT of 21 or higher OR
SAT of 980* or higher OR
3.50 High School GPA on a 4.0 Scale

Applicants who don't meet the above automatic criteria may be granted regular admission if they meet the requirements in the following sliding scale:

20 or 19 ACT (940 or 900 SAT*) AND 2.30 GPA
18 or 17 ACT (860 or 810 SAT*) AND 2.50 GPA
16 or 15 ACT (760 or 710 SAT*) AND 2.70 GPA
* SAT based on sum of math and critical reading scores

NOTE: The ACT/SAT requirement is waived for students age 20 and older.

Each student's academic record will be reviewed at the time of admission. Students who fall below the above requirements may be admitted with additional conditions placed on their admission based on their previous academic record. These conditions may include (but are not limited to): limited course selection, part-time enrollment, and restrictions on when a student may be allowed to register. Students who are admitted with these conditions have the right to request an individual review of their unique situation. These students must provide additional information that demonstrates their potential for academic success at MWSU which will be outlined in their decision letter.
Recommended High School Coursework
It is strongly recommended that students complete the following coursework in high school to maximize their success at Missouri Western:

English/Language Arts - 4 units
Social Studies - 3 units
Mathematics - 4 units*
Science - 3 units
Fine Arts - 1 unit
Additional Coursework - 3 units **
Electives - 6 units

* At least one mathematics course should be taken each year. It is particularly important that students take a mathematics course in grade 12.

** Missouri public high school students are required by the State Board of Education to complete units in practical arts (1), physical education (1), health education (1/2), and personal finance (1/2).
Required Documentation
The following documentation is necessary to complete your admissions file to enroll at a New Student Registration Program.

  1. Completed Application for Admission
  2. Official ACT Results sent directly from your high school or ACT (Missouri Western's ACT code is 2344). Not required for students age 20 and older, however additional placement tests in math, English and reading may be necessary without ACT scores on file.
  3. High School Transcript or Homeschooled Transcript with a minimum of six semesters of work (a final copy is necessary after graduation). High School Equivalent (HSE) or GED students should request an official copy of their results from the Department of Education - Secondary Education (DESE).
  4. College Transcripts for any college credit or high school classes taken for college credit. Transcript must be sent from college/university that credit is granted through.