The goal of Missouri Western State University is to enroll students with the potential for academic success. Each applicant’s file will be reviewed using the following standards (based on student type):
Freshman Students | Transfer Students | Returning Students | Non-Degree Students | International Students

Automatic Admission

Applicants who meet ONE of the following criteria will be granted automatic, regular admission to the University:

  • 20 years of age or older OR
  • 21 ACT (980 SAT*) or higher OR
  • 3.5 GPA

Applicants who don’t meet the above automatic criteria may be granted regular admission if they meet the requirements in the following sliding scale:

  • 20 or 19 ACT (940-900 SAT*) and 2.3 GPA or higher
  • 18 or 17 ACT (860-810 SAT*) and 2.5 GPA or higher
  • 16 or 15 ACT (760-710 SAT*) and 2.7 GPA or higher

*SAT scores are based on the sum of math and critical reading scores. 

General Studies Requirements

To be regularly admitted into Missouri Western’s General Studies program, you must have the following ACT subscores:

  • 18 English ACT subscore
  • 18 Reading ACT subscore
  • 22 Math ACT subscore

Students who do not meet these guidelines may elect to challenge their placement during their registration program, or must complete additional coursework their first semester and continue taking these courses until their General Studies English and mathematics requirements are met.

Admitted with Conditions

Applicants who don’t meet the automatic admissions guidelines (but meet our regular application deadline) may be admitted with conditions placed on their enrollment based on evaluation of their previous academic record. If you are admitted with conditions, you will be enrolled as a part-time student, giving you the opportunity to strengthen basic academic skills and prove your ability to be successful at the University level.

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Admissions Requirements

Students who have completed at least one semester of college coursework after completing high school (or HSE/GED) are considered transfer students. Transfer students are admitted based on their academic records from all accredited institutions they have previously attended. Any student with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA for coursework at all previous colleges/universities will be evaluated according to the Table of Academic Standards in the University Catalog to see if they are admissible. 

General Studies Requirements

Students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree (AA), a bachelors degree, or the Missouri 42-hour general education block (must be noted on the transcript or other official document) from a regionally-accredited institution, is considered to have satisfactorily completed Missouri Western’s general studies requirements (some exceptions apply which will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis). Completion of general studies requirements does not waive departmental major pre-requisites. A transfer student who has completed any other degree will have their courses evaluated on a course-by-course basis

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Admissions Requirements

Returning (Re-admit) Students are students that previously attended Missouri Western and have “sat out” for at least one semester (i.e. it has been at least one semester since they last took classes). Re-admit students are held to the same academic standards as our current students. Any student with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA for ALL coursework attempted at ALL previous colleges/universities will be evaluated according to the Table of Academic Standards in the University Catalog to see if they are admissible.

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Admissions Requirements

Non-degree seeking students are granted admission to Missouri Western State University after a review of their academic transcripts, test scores and/or other necessary admission documents are received. Non-degree seeking students include: personal enrichment students, visiting high school students, visiting college students and certain Senior Citizen students. 

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Admissions Requirements

Missouri Western requires international students to have proof of English language proficiency for regular admission consideration. Automatic, full-time admission will be granted to students who meet the criteria for ONE of the exams listed below.

Bachelor’s Master’s
TOEFL iBT 72 79
IELTS 5.5 6.0
SAT* 980
ACT** 21
* SAT – critical reading | ** ACT – English | TOEFL & SAT code: 6625  |  ACT code: 2344
Conditional Admission – Intensive English Program

If you do NOT complete the TOEFL or IELTS exams (OR if you do not meet the above criteria), you may be admitted conditionally through the Intensive English Program.

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