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Governance Advisory Council

Governance Advisory Council2019-08-05T16:15:06-05:00

The members of the Governance Advisory Council include:

  1. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs (Chairperson)
  2. Vice President of Financial Planning and Administration
  3. Vice President of Student Affairs
  4. Vice President of University Advancement
  5. Dean of Graduate School
  6. Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  7. Dean of Professional Studies
  8. Steven L. Craig School of Business
  9. Dean of School of Fine Arts
  10. Dean of Western Institute
  11. Director of Athletics
  12. Director of Human Resources
  13. Risk Manager
  14. Staff Senate President
  15. Staff Senate Vice President
  16. Faculty Senate President
  17. Faculty Senate Vice President
  18. Student Government Association President
  19. Student Government Association Vice President
GAC Meeting Minutes