About MWSU

Vision, Mission, Values

Achieving Excellence, Transforming Lives

Missouri Western State University will set the standard for excellence in student development and community leadership.


Missouri Western State University is a learning community focused on students as individuals and as members of society. Missouri Western offers students at all stages of life the opportunity to achieve excellence in the classroom and beyond, as they prepare to be leaders in their work and in their communities. As a leader itself, Missouri Western is committed to the educational, economic, cultural and social development of the people and the region that it serves.


Service: We share the common purpose of serving students, one another, and the people of the region.

Quality: We are committed to the quality of our programs, our students, and our partnership with the people of the region.

Enthusiasm: We are enthusiastic about learning and confident that we can make a difference in the lives of students through their learning.

Freedom: We promote the free exchange of ideas that makes education liberating and democracy unique.

Respect: We act as individuals and as a campus community with respect for diversity and for the best in human potential.

Courage: We seek the challenge and adventure of shaping the future with an increasingly global perspective.